On the December 10, 2018, the international Human Rights Day, Formosa Republican Association (FRA) was officially established in Taipei.


First, Promote the American Constitutional Republic and American Conservative ideas 

Second, promote the spirit of Christ and the ideals of entrepreneurs to govern the country

Third, revitalize the economy and help prosper Taiwan, and move toward rich countries 


1. Guard the value of Taiwan’s subject and actively establishing diplomatic relations with friendly and free countries such as the United States and Japan

2. Defend the values of love, justice, freedom, human rights and truth

3. Protect private property, respect market functions, promote the privatization of public utilities, and establish an excellent tax system for economic development

4. Establish the national defense force of Taiwan’s subjective consciousness and actively participate in regional security strategies

5. Promote Taiwan’s cultural education, promote anti-communist and anti-authoritarian education, rebuild the vocational education system, implement the official English language, and expand the people’s international vision

6. Promote Taiwan’s economic development and promote national prosperity 


I. Promote the American conservative core values.

II. Promote the “Managed by the Entrepreneurs” concept and making Taiwan become the Swiss of the East Asia.

1. Promote the American conservative core values:

The conservatives (Republican) believe that morality is above all politics. This morality includes traditional family values, social justice order, personal and commercial freedom, minimum government, and such moral values. It all based on the Christian Faith.

Christianity believes that God gives human free will. The basic human rights are based on God (American Constitution mentioned). But human free will can choose either to rise or to fall. Only those who choose to work hard can get God’s grace. This is one of the American conservative core values.

Therefore, if a person faces any problem, he/she should first take responsibility for himself/herself, work hard, and strive to solve his/her own problem. If there is difficulty, there is support from family and friends. If this is still insufficient, there still have support from the church or the community.

There are some public affairs such as police, firefight, utility/infrastructure, national security and building an army can only be solved the government entities.

This is the origin of the conservative concept of “minimum government”. The lefty socialists has the opposite idea and is therefore immoral (for example, Taiwan recent social law: “One fixed day off and one flexible rest day”) .

The conservative value is to oppose this kind of socialism that improperly interferes with the people. Moreover, the Conservatives are strong against the Communist Totalitarian tyranny.

2. FRA is the first political group formed on Christianity in Taiwan history.

Currently, the global environment is changing rapidly. Taiwan is facing a chaotic environment that they have never been in before.

From the Clinton era, the United States has tried to pull China into the global trading system and helped China became the most powerful “peaceful rising” country.

But now, Trump is engaging the “all out trade war” with China. Europe and the Middle East are in turmoil. The politicians do not know where to go when Taiwan faces these challenges.

Taiwan needs these business entrepreneurs for the leadership with global visions, determination, and management capabilities and experiences to lead Taiwan through this devastating turbulence.

Under the leadership of the great leaders, the crisis can be turn rounded. A turbulence that may cause the ship to overturn, or it can be a driving force for Taiwan to advance significantly.

In the past, there were cooperative organizations such as Rotary Club and Lions Club in the corporate world, but there was no political organization. The labor unions or institutional unions were established in the Party-era era.

Although the memberships of the unions are broad, the inheritance of “the top to bottom” structure has many restrictions and have weakened the social status by the political party rotation.

Although there are many suggestions or advices by these elites, but they usually were been ignored and not really affected.
FRA planned to become the first organization to truly integrate these powers of enterprises from the bottom up.

To promote more direct participation of enterprises in politics, to cultivate their own political talents to participate in politics, and to set priority to the political guidance by the business community.

The great country shall be led by the top talents business men/women in Taiwan.
In the past 40 years, Taiwan’s economic in connection with China Deng, Xiao-Ping’s “Reform and Openness” up has brought first 20 years of glory.

Since the Labor Contract Law of 2008 by China, Taiwanese businessmen have already actively retreated from China. Now, in response to the US’s return to global political and economic leadership in the trade war, Taiwanese enterprises must vigorously enter the United States’ markets.

Just as they have boldly marched to China in the past, Taiwan shall grasp the trend of the new era. However, Taiwanese businessmen have language, political and cultural obstacles in the US market compared to they were in China.

Fortunately, the United States is now a Republican Party. Vigorously promote the return of manufacturing to the United States, FRA will create a good political environment for Taiwanese companies to enter the United States by connecting with the Republican Party that focuses on manufacturing in the United States.

FRA hopes to build Taiwan into a real “treasure island” with high efficiency and freedom. Let everyone have the opportunity to work hard, and to lead Taiwan’s outstanding enterprise groups to enter the United States and seize market opportunities.

Taiwan shall be able to be a shining star in the world and become a prosperous and strong country. Taiwanese enterprises will proudly become the global enterprises of the world. It is not difficult to achieve this vision.

Only first-class business persons are required. Each person devotes more efforts in thinking than its competitors. The business person is the most active, most influential, most mobilizing and most capable person in any human society,

First-rate talents should not be ruled by third-rate talents. It is now time for the business elites/entrepreneurs to take on the leadership and responsibility for the country of Taiwan.

May God Bless Taiwan!

Robert Lee, FRA Chairman

FRA Training Program

In order for Taiwanese people to share the same values with Americans which are fighting for individual liberty and justice against the evil empire of China. 
FRA would like to provide the training program which includes the principles of the Founding Fathers and the American conservative ideas to Taiwanese people, specially for the government officials and agencies. 

FRA needs more people to support the program with financial support and qualified teachers. 

FRA also would like to establish media coverage in Mandarin to introduce the principles of the Founding Fathers and American conservative ideals to asians in Asia and America. 

This program is important for the countries of Taiwan and China to establish a New Democratic country with the ideas of American principles and American Constitution after the communist regime falls.